October 29, 2018

Time degrades the value of money. Saving is not enough, Start Investing!

One minute read: To keep your capital amount safe, you invest for guaranteed returns through bank fixed deposits, similarly to protect your money from degrading its value, you should invest for inflation-beating returns through mutual funds.
October 29, 2018

Before You Invest, Get an Overview of Different Asset Classes

You invest with the expectation that eventually your money will grow. But are your expectations in confirmation with the return characteristics of your investments? To set your expectations right having a good understanding of the different asset classes that collectively create your financial
October 29, 2018

Things to Consider while Preparing for Your Retirement Goal

Retirement planning might be a distant goal for many of us, especially those in their 30s because at this phase of life, we are busy considering other financial goals like property buying, children's future education needs, wealth creation, etc.