Ambit Capital

Ambit strives to be India’s premier Investment Bank by focussing on providing innovative tailor-made solutions with a holistic view of client needs. At the core of our solutions lies the ‘abacus’ which has governed the development of mankind for centuries. Based on this ethos, we provide insightful solutions that create intrinsic value for all our stakeholders. Our business acumen gives us the ability to see the big picture and understand the levers that affect the business drivers through smart decisions and actions that can increase the long-term profitability for our clients and ourselves. Ambit’s defining value: Our ability to seek solutions that are obscured by layers of complexity and to discern sharp entrepreneurial insights.

Management Team

    Aishvarya Dadheech

    Portfolio Manager, Ambit Good & Clean Smallcap Fund

    • Ambit Capital
    • Industry Experience: 12 years

      Rakshit Ranjan

      Portfolio Manager, Coffee Can

      • Ambit Capital
      • Industry Experience: 6 years