ALF Accurate Advisors

Every great achievement was once an envisioned dream. The same can be said for AlfAccurate Advisors – AAA – as it is widely known. Fund manager Mr. Rajesh Kothari envisioned a client-centric advisory team that provides bespoke wealth solutions to investors.
AAA took its first step to attain significance in September 2009 by registering the AAA Portfolio Management Scheme under SEBI Portfolio Managers Regulations, 1993.
A committed and passion-driven advisory team along with completely client-servicing driven ideology has helped AAA become an investment management partner of choice.
Today, AAA is a name by which various respected individuals, corporate teams as well as institutional investors bank on for unbiased investment advice. At AAA we strive to build an edifice emulating our commitment to protect the investments of our clients and offering them advice that helps them create wealth.

“Protect Capital, Create Wealth”!

Preliminarily, we work in the position of a trusted counsellor and advisor concerning all financial goals of our client. Next, we offer seasoned advice as to which investment opportunity appears to serve the best interests and objectives of our client. Essentially, as clients and their needs and risk appetites differ, so do our customised services, as delivered by experienced advisors.

ALF Accurate Advisors Fund Manager