About Us


VSRK Wealth Creator Private Limited came into existence w.e.f. 8th November 2013 with a view to make available all kind of Financial Products and to make them available to all our clients. The Company strength has further improved by taking over the clients and whole AUM of M/S Agrawal Investments Consultants (Proprietor R.K. Agrawal). Shri R.K. Agarwal has also joined the Company as a President.
We are a team of well-qualified, exuberant, innovative and enterprising hard-core dynamic professionals, Certified by AMFI, IRDA, working collectively toward a common goal and committed to offer our clients nothing but the best.
We are a boutique Company of independent financial advisers that offers all kind of financial products

Our Vision

We stand apart as a class known for Dynamic Professionalism, including innovative investment proposals and superior quality of work ethics. We have positioned ourselves as the creator of profitable, creative and proactive investment solutions that add multiple financial products to the investor’s portfolios. Our focus is on assisting our client’s in meeting their lifestyle and financial goals.
Our focus is on assisting our client’s in meeting their lifestyle and financial goals.

Our Unique serving proposition (USP)

We here at the World of PMS is giving a unique preposition to all our trusted clients who are looking forward to invest in PMS and to those who already have invested in the same. Most of the investors are unaware that 2% Set-Up Fee which is usually charged at the time of investment can be waived off. Here we don’t charge a single penny for Set-Up Fees at the time of investment. Secondly, we also give the benefit of charging the least possible Portfolio Management Fee.

Mission Strategy

Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and realize their dreams for themselves, their families, and their businesses or professions by waiving off Set-Up Fees and charging the least possible Portfolio Management Fees. By this one can maximize their returns by paying less charges.

Our prime goal

Our only financial goal is to help you to reach your goals, a process that begins with a thorough understanding of you as an investor and as a person as well. We are into business since 2006 in proprietorship entity in the name of M/S Agrawal Investments Consultants and then we incorporated another business entity i.e. VSRK Wealth Creator Pvt. Ltd. Company in the name of World of PMS. Now Agrawal Investments Consultants have been merged with VSRK Wealth Creator Pvt. Ltd. in order to give business a corporate entity and make it more professional and technology based. We pride ourselves on the number of referrals we receive from our satisfied customers. We partner with you to identify and clarify your long-term financial and life goals.

Benefits of Investing through World of PMS

Advice from Professionals –

World of PMS offers you the best and the most qualified financial experts who with years of experience knows how to take care of your assets. Team of Financial Experts goes through a strong research before making advice for any investment in PMS.

Clarity for our Investors –

World of PMS stands for its clarity between Customer and AMCs. Investors here directly own their respective portfolios in their Depository Participants. Our team helps also simplifies queries for our trusted customers.

Higher Returns –

PMS is aggressive in terms of returns, here our Portfolio Managers give our customers exposure to such companies where opportunities in stocks are fruitful and returns are massive. Our Portfolio Managers takes your investments to their highest potential.

Taxation In PMS –

Taxation in PMS depends upon the Holding Tenure of stocks. Any profit which is booked before one year falls under Short Term Capital Gain which is 15% and any profit booked after one year falls under Long Term Capital Gain which is 10%.