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Venture of VSRK Wealth Creators

VSRK Wealth Creator Private Limited came into existence w.e.f. 8th November 2013 with a view to make available all kind of Financial Products and to provide Investment Advisory Services to all our clients.


Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and realize their dreams for themselves, their families, and their businesses or professions.


Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and realize their dreams for themselves, their families, and their businesses or professions.

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The Best Portfolio Management Company in India

Portfolio management service (PMS) refers to the professional management of client’s investment in equity portfolios by qualified and experienced individuals who are experts in managing the client’s funds in order to provide them with good alphas by selecting the best mix of investment options in the right proportion and continuously shifting them in the portfolio. It’s almost like searching for the right exercises from your daily gym routine, the only difference, here, is that we aim to make you financially stronger, rather physically.

Looking For Best Portfolio Management Services in India

When you opt for one of the best portfolio management services in India, you are, often, expected to do nothing but relax, and see your money grow as the investment professionals manage the entire portfolio and execute the investment decision on client’s behalf. Each investor and his investment goals are given due attention. These professionals work with the aim of satisfaction of the clients investment expectations and, hence, draw the right investment strategy accordingly. The portfolio manager are responsible to do all the research of the stocks, take decisions about the allocation of the funds, keeping track of all the development in the value of securities and keeping the investors informed about their portfolio. The portfolio management company is ideal for high-net-worth individuals (HNI’s) who are willing to take on risk and gain market exposure, by investing directly into a basket of securities such as equities, fixed income, structured products, etc.

PMS Services in India

We, at World Of PMS, have successfully planted our feet firmly in the grounds of the investment management market and have successfully established a trustworthy name in the market for providing the best PMS services in India and other investment management services. We specialize in providing discretionary portfolio management services as well as advisory services to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. We are well-known to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that our investors benefit through our expertise in investment management.
World Of PMS is one of the top 10 portfolio management companies in India and is empanelled with a wide range of reputed third-party PMS providers across India, such as AMC’s and financial institutions which provide their specialized PMS offerings. Our commitment is backed up by our robust investment processes and a highly experienced investment team with rich experience through various cycles of investment.

Book Online Portfolio Management Services in India

Our best portfolio management service helps you in each of the following levels level of investment:

Security Analysis

It is the initial stage of the portfolio creation process and involves the due examination of all the risk factors, as well as the expected returns of individual securities and its comparison with the investors risk appetite and financial goals.

Portfolio Analysis

After the identification of potential stocks and the respective risk involved, portfolios are created out of them, and are known as feasible portfolios. It is the process of reviewing or assessing the elements of the entire portfolio of securities or products in a business. The review is done for careful analysis of risk and return.

Portfolio Selection

Out of all these feasible portfolios, the best suited portfolio is selected, which is optimal for the achievement of investor’s goals and risk appetite. While selecting an apt portfolio scheme it must be considered how each asset in the portfolio will impact others as the overall value of the portfolio changes. As a result, investors benefit from holding diversified portfolios instead of individual stocks.

Portfolio Revision

Once an appropriate alternative is selected, the portfolio manager keeps a sceptical watch on the portfolio, to make sure that every reward-opportunity is exploited in order to earn the best returns for the investor. Portfolio revision is conducted at regular intervals and helps the investor to make changes in the portfolio allocation and make changes in them according to the market situations and demographics of the market.

Portfolio Evaluation

In this stage of investment, the portfolio is assessed periodically in order to evaluate the portfolio with respect to the returns obtained against the risk involved. In this final phase of investment cycle, if any changes are required in the portfolio to achieve the specific return expectation the fund allocation is also drifted which in turn helps to achieve the goal within a stipulated period of time.

NRI Investment in India

Thousands of people in India migrate to different parts of the world in searched better opportunities in the form of education, employment, etc and get settled there. Such people, subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961, are known as NRI i.e. Indians residing in foreign lands.

Investment in India

Now, India being a growing economy often draws the attention of those settled away from the mother land in terms of good investment opportunities. Such investments are allowed in the fields of mutual funds, real estate and several other industries, obviously subject to certain regulations prescribed under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) for all their stock market investments.
So for all those who are planning to invest in India, we at VSRK Wealth Creators are here to tell you about how to invest in mutual funds in India.

Direct /Via Mandate Holder

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide as to whether you want to invest by yourself or want a “mandate holder” to handle your investment process.

Appointment of mandate holder

If you want to appoint a mandate holder then you must fill up and sign an “Appointment of mandate holder” form that can be easily obtained from the bank. If you wish to appoint a Mandate Holder to invest on your behalf, signatures of both the investor and Mandate holder will have to be present on the KYC documents.
Please note that while submitting your application along with the required KYC details, you must indicate that the investment is on a repatriable or non-repatriable basis.

Power of Attorney

The POA grants the professional the power to act on your behalf. A POA shall be executed on the prescribed stamp paper and the purpose of the POA must be clearly mentioned. The POA holder can make and redeem investments and carry out necessary paperwork on behalf of the NRI.

Our Role at World Of PMS

We at World Of PMS, are one of the best Investment Advisor in India and are known for providing the best Invesment advisory in India. We have an immense experience of over 3 decades in providing the most reliable Investment services in India. We are committed to decide the best investment and course of action for your wealth management. Being a Porfolio Manager, we select the appropriate investment by taking care of your business goals. We are one of the best wealth planners, who provide investment management services to turn your goals into reality with our expert Portfolio Management.

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Client Testimonials

  • The professionals at World Of PMS are pretty resourceful and had viable solution to all my investment needs. In my opinion, these guy are quite reliable too.
    Vishal Tiwari
  • Initially when I was planning to invest in PMS, I faced a huge difficulty in choosing the most appropriate alternative amongst the hundreds of option available, here’s where VSRK helped me by consulting with their advisory services. They helped me analyse my risk appetite, understood my investment needs and helped me to draw the adequate investment strategy as per my needs.
    Mr. Sashi Verma
  • World Of PMS has helped me with gathering extensive information regarding the best alternative out of the pools of alternatives. The services are quite customer-friendly and very satisfactory.
    Dr. Jatin Gupta

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